Key Features

Fast Data Entry

Enter a day's workload for a service recipient in just a few minutes or less.

Template Data Entry

By selecting a template, all the activities or procedures assigned to that template are filled in for the user on the data entry form.

Extensive Online Help Manual

  • Provides specific guidance for each element on the screen at the click of a button.
  • Contains a detailed index search option and a thorough glossary section.

Time saving powerful reporting

  • Simply point and click with a mouse to get clear and easy-to-read reports immediately available for distribution (what you see is what you get).
  • Export reports to MS Excel, PDF file or any other program.
  • No more telephone calls.
  • No more backlogs of typing for your staff.

Rapid image capturing

  • Easily capture and store high quality images and videos for Embryology, Transfer, UltraSound, Gynecology Exam, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, etc...
  • Obtain the images using the built-in image capture software or other sources.
  • Store, view and print an individual patient's procedure images.
  • Enrich reports with high quality snapshots.
Usage Features

User-friendly system

  • Easy to use, helpful and convenient.
  • Provides an efficient paperless workplace.

Improve patient search & ease of use

  • Review a summary of the most recent tests and procedures a patient had performed.
  • Rapidly locate a patient's file.

Strong security and advanced data integrity

  • Access to data is controlled through a hierarchy of permissions granted or withheld from a user. Without the proper permission, the user has no access.
  • Feel protected knowing your data is secured against unwarranted access.

Interface Connections

  • Better user interface system design to support communication and exchange of data.
  • Via custom or HL7 interfacing, maintain concurrency of service recipient data with the organization's system. Examples range from registration, third party accounting, referral labs, pharmacy order and much more.

Fully integrated patient database system

  • Access all tests, procedures, letters, and all modules for all your patients from one easy to use system.
  • Eliminates duplication.


with an excellent customer satisfaction record.