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Health Level 7 (HL7) is an international protocol standard for the exchange, management and integration of electronic healthcare information.

BBS utilizes HL7 interfaces to provide seamless connection with Hospital Information Systems and other 3rd party software, referral labs and others.
Hospital Info Systems successfully linked to date:

Some of the supported message types include: ADT, SIUS, DFT, BAR, ORM, ORU…

Please refer to www.HL7.org for more details.

DICOM Ultrasound

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.
BBS DICOM broker links ultrasound machines or other imaging sources. Functions include:
Inbound SR reports for automated image capture/data parsing and outbound modality worklists that syncs patient demographics with instruments.
Please refer to dicom.nema.org for more details.

Quality Assurance

User-defined selection on all ART cycle criteria.
Query of cycle counts and key performance indicators (KPIs) per staff:

  • Age Groups

  • Cycles

  • Retrievals

  • Transfers

  • Pregnancies

  • Births

Listing of all cycle data.
Export of query results to choice programs such as MS Excel, SPSS etc.

Analyzer Interfaces

Provides seamless connections to over 500 lab analyzers now on the market. Operations' principle:

Device Manager

Licensed per instrument requiring connection to the DB.
A 1 time fee is applicable.
Please contact support@babysentry.com for a list of supported connections.

Directional Messaging

Analyzers may be connected uni- or bi-directional to BBS.
In uni-directional format, results are automatically downloaded on BBS.
In bi-directional interface, patient demographics and order details are loaded onto the analyzer electronically then results are downloaded back.

Mail Merge

User-defined report editing function allowing customization of all available variables. Report templates are owner-tagged for optimized selection.
Management is provided within an MS Word environment.


Centralized database for multi-geographic entities. Advantages include per-site patient record filters, enhanced user security and custom reports/stats.


International specialty registry requirements are built-in, allowing for:

  • Prospective reporting

  • Individual cycle validations

  • Annual reports e-submissions

The following are supported BBS registries:

Query Builder

A user-defined MS SQL query builder with complete access to the database structure. Simplifying the definition of selection criteria or applying filters then exporting queried results to MS Excel, SPSS and others.

iMineIVF Mobile App

Smartphone app designed for BBS patient communication, available on the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Functions include:

  • Sync pre-cycle contents, treatment details and prescription plan.

  • Preview and share documents.

  • 2-ways chat communication.

Patient Portal

Online web-based application for BBS patient use:

  • Online registration and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

  • Demographics intake.

  • Appointments requests for published timeslots.

  • Male and female medical questionnaires.

  • Viewing labs and uploaded reports.

  • Patient Credentials submission.

Referral Labs

HL7 interfaces with BBS are certified for the following referral labs:

  • LabCorp

  • Quest

  • Natera

  • Medicus

Functions included:

  • Lab tests/panel compendium matching.

  • Upload of bar codes and order requisitions.

  • After Order Entries (AOEs).

  • Automated download and results charting.


BBS generates financial offers and invoices by sending service items from the patient’s plan to third-part billing software using and HL7 outbound interface (DFT^P03).
Clinic-specific pricing schemes are supporting using CPT codes and ICD-9/10 classification.

Time Lapse

Bi-directional interface between time lapse incubators and BBS embryology.
Supports Geri | QBox IVF middleware:

  • Outbound:
    - Patient Details.
    - Fertility, retrieval and thaw results.
    - Retrieval and thaw schedules.

  • Inbound:
    - Device logs.
    - Incubation, embryo scores and disposition, annotations.
    - Procedures witnessing.

Patient Anonymity

BBS offers a donor confidentiality tool, functions include:

  • Patient mask supporting dual anonymous and real IDs.

  • User management for masking and viewing privileges.

  • Chart access restriction per user.

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