Here are some quotes from our esteemed community of users:

  • We (Adora Fertility, formerly Primary IVF) began our association with BabySentry in 2014 when we opened our first clinic in Sydney, Australia. Since then we have grown our footprint to become Australia’s largest provider of affordable ARS, with 4 large multidisciplinary sites across 4 states.  read more
    Nov. 2021
    Jaime Simpson
    Chief Executive
    Adora Fertility, Australia
  • Paul, Waleed and the entire team are great listeners. Their listening skills and significant experience in IVF allows them to truly understand and comprehensively address their customers’ challenges and opportunities. read more
    Nov. 2021
    Dimitrios Bairaktaris, PhD, MAICD
    Founding Director
    Forth Solutions Business Architects
    Melbourne, Australia
  • BabySentry software works in Guy’s as it covers all areas of fertility treatment efficiently, which has allowed us to operate in a paperless environment and give us instant access to patient information. By implementing BBS it has allowed us to consolidate our processes thus eliminating duplication of work which was done previously. read more
    Jan. 2020
    Ludwig Lupak
    ACU Quality Manager
    Assisted Conception Unit | Guy's Hospital
    Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK
  • We have been working with BabySentry now for over a year and are extremely happy with the system. It has definitely helped streamline our processes and has saved an incredible amount of staff time compared to when we used paper charting. We have recently purchased additional components including a data query option and believe it will be invaluable for assessing our quality assurance and patient outcomes. read more
    Jan. 2017
    Michelle L. Matthews, MD
    Associate Director, Reproductive Endocrinology
    Carolinas Healthcare System
    Charlotte, NC, USA
  • Staff at BBS was wonderful to work with, very attentive & knowledgeable. read more
    Apr. 2016
    Joseph P. Steen
    Application/System Analyst
    University of Florida Health IT
    Gainesville, FL, USA
  • Our IVF Center is a large hospital based academic center. We searched for several years for a vendor that would be willing to work with our hospital IT team to develop interfaces between their product and our complex existing hospital EMR (Canopy/Cerner). BabySentry was the only company that we believed had the capability to develop functional interfaces and work with our team to develop these processes.  read more
    Feb. 2016
    Michelle L. Matthews, MD
    Associate Director, Reproductive Endocrinology
    Carolinas Healthcare System
    Charlotte, NC, USA
  • Our opinion is that BBS is a very helpful system for managing an IVF unit. One of the advantages is the possibility to easily follow results after IVF attempts. You can see individual outcomes or the pregnancy and implantation rate for a desirable period of time. It is easy to compare outcomes of different groups of patients, different embryo transfer days. It is easy to check outcomes from new culture media or a new catheter. The software allows us to evaluate and maintain the quality of ART. read more
    Apr. 2012
    Georgi Stamenov, MD
    OB/GYN, Founder of Nadegda Fertility Clinic
    Sofia, Bulgaria
  • BabySentry is a straightforward, integrated, easy to use computerized medical record system that helps to coordinate all aspects of an infertility practice. The system is particularly helpful for the embryology lab and has multiple features for controlling frozen embryo and sperm inventory as well as recording cycle data. read more
    Dec. 2011
    Judy Stern, PhD
    Professor, Ob/Gyn and Pathology
    Director, Human Embryology & Andrology Lab
    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
    Lebanon, NH, USA
  • We are a unit of about 60+ staff and we do 2,500 cycles a year.
    BabySentry (BBS), although by no means a complete and perfect application, is quite comprehensive and extremely user friendly and has been the system of our operation for the past 4 years. In fact, since Aug. 5, 2010 we had to increase our activities by a ratio of 2.5 and I don't believe we would have been able to sustain the increase as smoothly as we did without BBS.
    The installation in our unit was done very efficiently in one day. read more
    Apr. 2011
    Najwa Salman
    Project Manager McGill Reproductive Center
    Montreal, PQ, Canada
  • We looked for an EMR system for our practice for 2 years. Over that time we trialed at least 10 programs and none seemed to fit our practice. In talking with large programs in California, Canada and Australia they were using BabySentry and were happy about the program and especially the support after it was installed. From the embryology point of view, our laboratory director from New York also liked the program.  read more
    Oct. 2010
    William Ziegler, D.O., F.A.C.O.G
    Medical Director
    Reproductive Science Center of N.J., USA
  • After a comprehensive review of our processes and system alternatives, Sydney IVF selected Baby Sentry as its Fertility Database Management System based on its fit within our strategy, completeness of functionality and system architecture. While it is early days post implementation, and like all major change initiatives we have had some transitional challenges, the application is delivering in line with our expectations and we have found the level of support and assistance to be professional, timely and responsive. read more
    Jun. 2009
    Tim Holmes, CFO
    Sydney IVF
    Sydney, CBD, Australia
  • The ability of BabySentry to conduct both on site and web-based training is a strength. The team is responsive to our input. Our specific needs are frequently accommodated in new versions of the software. read more
    Jun. 2009
    Ted S. Thomas, PhD, HCLD
    Martha Jefferson Reproductive Technology Laboratory
    Charlottesville, VA, USA
  • BabySentry is currently the most widely used IVF data management program. The organized and already tried setup and training system was the best possible guarantee of a smooth integration of BabySentry into our daily routine. read more
    Jun. 2008
    Christos Karageorgos
    Laboratory Director
    Medimall Fertility Clinic
    Athens, Greece
  • Congratulations on the new version 5.0. I cannot believe how the program has changed so much in such a short period of time. It's looking great. read more
    Aug. 2007
    Gráinne Murray
    Quality Manager
    Sims International Fertility Clinic
    Dublin, Ireland
  • We have now used the BabySentry database management system since 2005. With BabySentry, we have successfully transformed our paper heavy, low efficiency multi-office tracking and monitoring system into a heavily efficient, user friendly accessible yet completely secure information system.
    BabySentry should be given serious consideration by any infertility practice interested in stepping into the next generation of data management and statistical analysis. The program is equipped with database tools that we never dreamed we would need.  read more
    Jun. 2007
    Jeffrey Steinberg, M.D., FACOG
    Medical Director
    The Fertility Institutes
    Encino, CA, USA
  • Astra's experience with BabySentry has been very rewarding. It is the complete reliable software that enables you to manage and follow your fertility practice with confidence and without concerns. Their support team has been exceptional solving issues that we have faced during our transition. There are always new additions and modifications to improve patients' care. read more
    May 2007
    Essam Michael, MD
    Medical Director
    ASTRA Fertility Clinic
    Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • We have just finished our training with Maya (BabySentry Science Coordinator) and she was wonderful. Everyone at LifeQuest thoroughly enjoyed working with her and everyone is now much more comfortable with the program. Thank you for sending her. She was excellent. read more
    Apr. 2006
    Nicole Condon
    Director, Special Programs
    LifeQuest Centre for Reproductive Medicine
    Toronto, ON, Canada
  • We have found the laboratory component of BabySentry to be very comprehensive and user friendly. We are able to enter data directly into patients' files and with as much detail as you might wish to enter. The support team has always been very helpful to resolve any question that we may have and make small format changes in order to better suit our manner of working. We believe that BabySentry is overall the best database system available for the embryology team to use. read more
    Feb. 2006
    Simon Philips
    Laboratory Director
    OVO Fertility Clinic
    Montreal, PQ, Canada
  • After several years of examining and testing various databases for our Reproductive Biology Unit, we decided on BabySentry. The program was comprehensive, offering even more detail than we required at the time. It is a database that will grow with our unit. read more
    Mar. 2004
    Carl Laskin, MD
    Medical Director
    START Fertility Clinic
    Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Fantastic product. We have been using it for over a year now and just did the upgrade, which is wonderful. It will make your job so much easier by having answers to the questions you have daily about how to improve your program. They will answer any technical request within 24 hrs usually. I recommend the program highly, and I doubt you will ever have the same personal attention with any other company. read more
    Dec. 2003
    Fady Sharara, MD
    Medical Director
    Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine
    Reston, VA, USA
  • We have chosen BabySentry among several databases because it is comprehensive and covers all the aspects we might need in infertility management. Easy to use, it helps us organize data, make reports and statistics. We recommend it to any IVF Center as an excellent database provided by a very supportive team. read more
    Nov. 2002
    Laura Dracea, MD
    Medical Director, IVF program
    Prof. Panait Sarbu University Hospital
    Bucharest, Romania
  • For the last few years RGI was searching for a reliable and capable software package that would integrate and support our multifaceted clinical and scientific activities in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. After evaluation and testing of numerous databases we have decided to implement your BabySentry, that we have found very suitable for multisided (several Clinics throughout the World) environment.  read more
    Jan. 2002
    Yury Verlinsky, Ph.D. (1943-2009)
    Director of Reproductive Genetics Institute
    Chicago, IL, USA
  • BabySentry: the best, comprehensive ART database that I've used. read more
    Oct. 2001
    Barry Behr, Ph.D., HCLD
    Director of IVF/ART laboratories
    Stanford, CA, USA
  • BabySentry is a sound technical tool to help fertility centers handle, organize and compile their patients' data. read more
    Sept. 2001
    Marie-Noel Bruné, Biologist
    Centro Esterilidad
    Montevideo, Uruguay