What is BabySentryPro?
A management system designed for use in the Assisted Reproduction Technology workplace.
The software is intended for use as a central database electronic medical record (EMR) along with multiple interfaces and connections to both hardware and 3rd party software. Modules are structured to cover all IVF functionalities and its affiliated practices.
Who shall use BabySentry software?
BabySentry is particularly "user-friendly", designed for use at all phases of treatment by
fertility specialists, biologists, embryologists, geneticists, counselors, nursing staff and more.
What is unique in the BabySentry line of products?
Our system covers all phases of fertility treatment starting from investigation work-up to the final ART treatment using the most updated Microsoft SQL server.
It allows users to monitor an entire operation under their defined criteria, as BabySentry Products fit any standard of work code.
Do you provide after sale training?
Absolutely! Along with a very extensive Help Manual containing a detailed index search option and a thorough glossary section, BabySentry Ltd. offers on-site training with both IT and Medical. Important learning module exercises are available during on site training.
On site training normally lasts 3 to 5 days. Extensions may be scheduled. Follow-up sessions are suggested 3 to 6 months after the software has been installed. Additional training is provided with every major version release. Finally, web session training is also available upon request.
What about after sale technical support?
Definitely! BabySentry guarantees a highly effective system of after-sale technical support for an annual maintenance fee and provides free software support for the first year after installation for any of its products.
Access to software support is by way of remote access, e-mail, fax or telephone. When asked, we simply reply: 'Feel free to contact our existing clients for references'.
How was BabySentry software developed?
BabySentry, first launched in 1996, was designed by fertility specialists who still use it on a daily basis along with program specialists of a strong medical and scientific background.
After extensive consultation with various experts and based on practical experience, BabySentry family of products is the most effective scientific tool for fertility specialists allowing total monitoring of the entire operation under the set criteria.
What about ongoing development?
Since 1996, BabySentry has constantly been in development. Innovation is a primary objective at BabySentry Ltd. The Pro application bears witness to our claim with its multi-faceted power tools and broad range content.
The golden rule being: 'Continued development is key to market leadership'. Development is also enhanced by world-leading scientific support and consultations, namely in the fields of: Embryology, PGD and IVM.
Is there a way to get a sneak preview of the software?
Of course! Simply schedule a demo
with us and we will revert back with an OK to your proposed time and date for an online broadcasting.
Is your company viable?
Over the past decade, ART systems have come and gone, and the evolutionary rule applies: 'Only the strongest will survive'. Indeed, thanks to our uncompromising effort, stamina and financial backing, BabySentry Ltd is here to stay. Unlike the competition, our vision for a flawless integration and adoption is enhanced by our choice of modern adapted technologies.
This has meant a sustained annual growth of over 34% since 2004. As of 2013, BabySentryPro is used in several countries on multilingual platforms (French, Bulgarian, Italian, Greek, etc…). Other Languages can be available upon request.
Do you have a Billing Package?
BabySentryPro provides a single outbound message which includes all services rendered per cycle.
This interface is compatible with several 3rd Party Solutions. Our preferred partner is Provision (www.csrc.com)
Why BabySentry?
BabySentry software is conceived to cover all phases of fertility treatment efficiently, while saving time for fertility specialists working on multi-site and/or small to medium size clinics at an extremely competitive price and in a secure environment. When evaluating systems, one has to review both the product and its backbone,
this is only complete when medical content is examined and IT structure is tested. Only adaptable systems are here to stay. In addition, leading institutions from around the world have selected BabySentry Ltd. as their choice supplier.
How can we be reached?
The best way to contact us is through email at info@babysentry.com.

For clinics in USA and Canada:
Medical & Genetics Software Corp.
1121 S. Meyler St.
San Pedro, CA 90731
+ 1-310-832-2223

For clinics around the world:
BabySentry Ltd.
4 Pikioni Street
Limassol, Cyprus