For years, IVF patients needed to be informed on an ongoing basis of critical medical instructions and events related to their individual cycles.
IVF specialists also relied on cumbersome communication to bridge between the point of care, mission-critical findings and instructions being properly and timely channeled to the patient. An informed patient remains key to success. The missing piece of the puzzle was a time-efficient delivery.
Today, iMine IVF provides fertility treatment patients the tool to be informed in order to communicate, synchronize and view their own cycles. With over 10,000 worldwide patients per year now treated for fertility using the BabySentry system, a novel app synchronizes all events between the points of care and the patient's smart phone calendar.
  • IVF Info
  • Events
  • Labs
  • Appointments
  • Instructions
  • Medications
  • Clinic Contact
  • Pre Cycle
  • Plan
  • Medications
  • Refresh with your own calendar
Available on the iPhone App Store & Also for Android Download
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