Products + Options

HIS, CRM or 3rd party

HL7 and APIs: Uni- or bi-directional interfaces


Standard protocol for bi-directional interface to ultrasounds

Quality Assurance

User-defined selection on all ART cycle data points

  • Staff key performance indicators

Labs (Analyzers + Ref)

Lab Instrument Manager: Uni- or bi-directional link to lab analyzers
Referral Labs: Uni- or bi-directional interfaces to specialty labs

Mail Merge

Custom report editing

  • User-defined report editing
  • Manage in MS Word


For central DB and satellite clinics

  • Multi geographic entities
  • Data filter/site
  • Added security
  • Separate patients, staff and records

National Registries

Data mapping, validation and collection


Bi-directional interface

  • Automated storage
  • Manage in MS Word
  • EngagedMD

Query Builder

User-defined FAQs

  • User-defined on all variables in the DB
  • Export to choice systems


Smartphone app

  • iOS & Android
  • Personalized instructions+ meds
  • Sync to calendar
  • Docs exchange
  • Q&A Chat
  • Check-in tool

Patient Portal

Online Tool

  • Registration
  • Appointment requests
  • Medical history
  • Instructions
  • Lab results
  • Document exchange
  • Auto-broadcast

HIS Archive

Send reports to hospital repository

  • Link to Hospital Info System
  • Embedded PDF in outbound HL7 messages
  • Sensitivity report settings

Cryo Management

Bi-directional interface


API for bi-directional embryo development

  • Witnessing and embryology
  • Supports specialty scores
  • QBOX, Embryoscope


Uni-directional interface


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