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Our goal is to simplify your daily tasks from a variety of workstations: Admissions, Nursing, Laboratory, Doctors' office...

Our vision of the ART workplace is one of an engaging platform for both patients and practitioners.
Whether recording male or female investigations, generating a stimulation sheet, reviewing cultured embryos or drafting a treatment plan, none of the workstations are neglected.

The international spread implied multi-language software. BBS is now available in its native English and several translated versions, all in one application: French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian, Greek and more…

  • Walid Abboud

    Co-Founder, Founder A&D Pharma
  • Paul Nader

    Scientific Director
    Managing Partner
  • Walid Kyriakos

    Business Strategy Consultant
  • Walid Anthony Kamouh

    IT Director
  • Gilbert Yazbeck

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Nazih El-Arab

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Nadim Abboud

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Marwan Geagea

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Amir Abi Abdallah

    Science Coordinator
  • Rita Samia

    Science Coordinator
  • Lina Wakim

    Science Coordinator
  • Brandon D'Angelo

    Business Associate

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