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  • Simplify daily ART tasks.
  • Unify controlled procedures.
  • Cover all ART aspects of patient's file at a glance.
  • Obtain online data from referral sites.
  • Significantly raise patients' satisfaction by providing efficient services.
  • Afford a large, safe and efficient information storage and statistics.
  • Improve clinics' efficiency, reducing operating expenditures and increasing profits.
  • Allow patients to observe a more orderly and friendlier care with a vast array of information at their fingertip.
  • Monitor team performance, quality control measures and patients' information.
  • Supply the necessary tools designed to accomplish patient information needs and streamlining of workflow.
  • Successfully transform a paper-heavy, low-efficiency multi-office tracking and monitoring system into a highly efficient, user-friendly, accessible yet completely secure information system.

BBS is best placed to S.C.O.P.E. out the future of Assisted Reproductive Technology.

  • SERVE you in your quest for easy access to ART data.
  • COVER the most relevant scientific content.
  • OFFER the simplest and most reliable tool, using the best architecture.
  • PRIDE ourselves with an excellent customer satisfaction track record.
  • EVOLVE to an expert ART system.

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